About Us

A Message From Our Founder

Hi there! 👋 I’m Devin Jordan, the founder and Chief Make It Happen Officer at Atlas Inbound.

I spent years in product development as a project manager, flying to and from Seattle and China, helping startups build their dream products from sketch to mass manufacture.

I’ve always loved to help businesses grow, so being in the consumer product industry was very rewarding.

After the majority of my clients asked if we helped with sales and marketing… the driving force behind the growth of a product company. I decided that it was time to help my clients with the next phase of product development…selling the product and growing the business.

So, I started Atlas Inbound to help companies sell more of their products. I also realized that the marketing strategies we use also work with digital products as well! The fundamentals of digital marketing don’t change, only the product!

It has been very rewarding for Atlas Inbound and the companies we help every day.


A Message From Our Digital Strategist

I’ve managed teams of strategists responsible for the successful delivery of 100’s of Facebook & Instagram Advertising campaigns. My superpower is organizing campaigns and diagnosing what’s happening when the inevitable happens… an ad doesn’t convert the way we want it to.

I’ve had the honor of driving traffic to multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. Facebook and Instagram advertising is a game of testing and constantly improving. When you get it right, the growth opportunities are endless!

We are a team of experts

We’ve assembled a team of Digital Treasure Hunters, which means we find and uncover the customers and clients you missed or ignored. Facebook and Instagram are the advertising platforms we use, and our hands are calloused from all the work we do. Once found, your ideal customer follows the digital path directly to your online location. All you have to do is watch your business grow… and a little bit of collaboration with our team!