Facebook ad costs are rising… Try This…

When Facebook ad costs are rising, you have to try something different. Don’t follow the pack…

Test a few different types of Facebook ad creatives than you have before and you might see your Facebook ads costs decrease. In fact, it is very likely.

Instant experiences are ad creatives that have been around for a while, but I’ve seen very few businesses use.

It’s partly because video/image ads are the easiest to create and most people have reasonable success using them.

When every business is using image/video ads and Facebook is running out of real estate, your ad needs to make the experience for the user more enriching and different.

Facebook will reward this and I’ve seen the results first hand.

If you are launching a new digital or physical product, Instant Experiences could be the differentiator between your competition. Most of them will only be running image and video ads.

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