Product Launch Plan – How to predict product success

Product Launch Plan – How to predict product success and diagnose issues before they ruin your product launch

If I’ve learned anything from years of product development that’s helped entrepreneurs launch products on QVC, Kickstarter, and NBC, it’s that…

the actual product has very little to do with it.

Ok, so you just received your final prototype from China and it finally works the way you asked (oh yeah, we know this process).

All that’s left is to do is validate that people will actually buy your product.

This is your only shot to prove that it’s the only solution they will ever need.

… so you put in extra time and effort to build a brochure and a cool website, or maybe a Kickstarter page.

But once you launch them…

… it seems as if no one cares about all the work you’ve put in.

And all of a sudden you’re uncertain if all the time and money spent was a waste…

… or even worse you’re back to the drawing board needlessly changing the product and website again.

… and you’re left wondering where you went wrong.

This is exactly why we created the Predictable Product Launch Plan…

… a proven step-by-step process for validating and marketing your product, without going all in…

… and transforms you from hair-pulling confusion to product launch ace.

Learn more about the Predictable Product Launch Plan here

There are three elements that answer the question, “Do they actually want my product?” even if you have no sales yet.

… and why excluding ANY of them can kill your ability to successfully launch your product.

This is the same 3-step process we use with companies launching tons of product…

…it has been the compass that helps product companies diagnose exactly what part of their product launch plan is going to fail.

If you want to implement the three-step Predictable Product Launch Plan described in the video, check out more here:

Learn more about the Predictable Product Launch Plan here

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