How To Make A Facebook Ad – The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Running A Facebook Giveaway And Getting More Customers Immediately

First of all, good local marketing and branding should be the only thing you need to sell your product or service. But what if you are a local business, you have neither marketing or branding, and you have a product or service to sell? How the hell do you get in front of a targeted local audience all at once, with only 1 hour of work? Learn how to make a Facebook ad…

I know, and you know that local Facebook ads flow across our screen on a daily basis. You scroll right past them and never look back. Do you ever ask yourself why you scroll past them? Likely the ad…

  1. wasn’t relevant
  2. wasn’t shown at the right time
  3. didn’t have a compelling offer

Now, we need to tackle the relevant offer first. Why? Because when I teach you how to make a Facebook ad, the relevant offer is one of the most critical parts. If you stop reading halfway through this blog, at least you will have a fighting chance at a successful Facebook ad.

This video explains the relevant offer and how to make a Facebook ad.

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How To Make A Facebook Ad


In addition to the relevant offer, the follow up is very important when you learn how to make a Facebook ad. WHY? It takes consistent follow up before people make a purchase. This ties in directly with the final point about getting in front of your audience at the right time. The right time may be different for everyone, so it is extremely important to follow up consistently. Facebook ads and content creation give you the opportunity to automate your follow up sequence. Now, you will get in touch with your target audience in real-time without lifting a finger. I’ll show you how to automate your first follow up sequence here.

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How To Make A Facebook Ad


In conclusion, let’s talk about getting in front of your warm traffic audience after they have shown interest.

Pay attention to this one because it describes how you can track and retarget people that engaged with your content after you learn how to make a Facebook ad. The engaged audience is called warm traffic. The people that engage with your content are more valuable to you. WHY? They’ve demonstrated an interest in your business or product. You can continue to build this warm traffic audience by putting out more content on your social media platforms. Then retarget them with compelling offers in the form of Facebook ads. TIP: After you learn how to make a Facebook ad and complete your first giveaway to kickstart your following and get customers, don’t continue to advertise like this too often. The giveaway grabbed their attention, now keep it and make the sale! Putting out relevant content to engage your audience will have them coming back for more.

Watch how to build the custom audiences and reach back out to them after you’ve learned how to make a Facebook ad.

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